Friday, April 2, 2010

April in the Park

We tried the Picnic in the Park idea again yesterday. (Remember, last week we did this and, after a half hour, the wind picked up and the air grew cold and chased us out.)
This week, we started out a few degrees cooler but with no wind and even more sunshine. The playground area was really full and there were loads of folks simply taking a stroll. Boats were actually moving around the basin and there was even one character out there on a jet ski!!

The ice cream stand was open and folks were buying those wonderful hand-dipped cones. It was April in the park and all was well!!
We settled in at a table with our sandwiches and were quickly joined by a cute little resident of the park. They have no fear of people and are used to begging for scraps. You need to keep an eye out to be sure they don't sit on the bench right next to you or stroll across the picnic table. They don't scare easily.

It made me wonder how many of these guys actually end up down in the trash cans and are stuck there until some poor unsuspecting soul pops the lid!

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