Thursday, October 8, 2009

So, where are the pictures?

I’ve been fairly busy this week. Surprisingly, business has had a sudden surge both on and offline. So, I had quite a bit of painting to do and I’m still working on several orders. Friends have begun calling in Christmas orders but while it is comforting to know they are not in a hurry to receive those items I am getting them done as quickly as I can to avoid a time crunch later. I’ve had some gifts to make for family members as Fall is a fairly heavy birthday period for our family. Between the orders, I’ve been trying to create new merchandise to plump up my stock for the holiday selling season. Oh yeah, there was some laundry, housework and cooking to fill those odd moments, too.

Yesterday, I took time to get out of the house. (Okay, I had to go out. I had an order to deliver and some errands to run.) It was a beautiful but extremely windy day. The sun was bright and visibility was great. As I peaked a hill that I drive several times a month, I realized I had a fantastic view of the Francis Scott Key Bridge that crosses the outer end of the Baltimore Harbor. I’ve never noticed that view before and it struck me as absolutely beautiful at that moment.

Of course, the camera was home on the charging dock! For somebody that almost always has her camera in her purse, I sure have been caught without it a lot lately. I passed a few other great photo ops on that drive, too. Maybe it was just that I hadn’t been out of the house in a few days or the beautiful weather but I seemed to be noticing so much more than usual on this run-of-the-mill drive. I swore I’d drop that camera in my purse again as soon as I got home.

Today was another absolutely beautiful day. On my grocery run, I noticed the spectacular sparkle of the sunlight on the super calm water of the river (the wind died down through the night) as I drove along. This area does provide some great scenic drives on everyday errands. There were even a few herons standing in the shallow areas.

So, where was the camera? You got it! It was still home on that charging dock.

Where is it now? Right next to me, on the charging dock!!
(I'm sure it's charged by now.)

So, now you know why there are no photos with this post!!! Sorry.

Well, there’s always tomorrow (provided I put that thing in my purse NOW.)

See ya’ll!

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