Friday, October 9, 2009

New Bits'n'Pieces

WARNING : The pictures illustrating this post have absolutely nothing to do with today's subject. They just make me feel good !

Okay, I watched the live feed very closely when that rocket hit the moon’s surface this morning and I saw - nothing. Absolutely nothing!! So, I’m confused. What were all those NASA folks applauding?

Congrats to Barack Obama for wining the Nobel Peace Prize. All of America should beam like proud parents. I only wonder if the significance of the award is diminished when it is awarded for “potential” as opposed to “accomplishment.” Were the European powers-that-be performing one last comment on the former administration?

One has to wonder about the sheer amount of air time dedicated to the Letterman events this week. Has it impacted your life personally? Hasn’t had any effect on mine but I am tired of hearing about it. Isn’t this really between those couples directly involved?

Now, this item is worth noting. Bertha Church, of Baltimore County, Maryland, turned 100 in May, this year. She’s been crocheting since she was a child and some years ago decided to put those skills to constructive use by crocheting little caps for the newborns at the local hospital. She’s still making and donating about 12 caps per month and, since 1990, has donated approximately 2700 hats to that hospital!!! Go, Bertha!!!

In a personal note to The Retired One, were you in NYC this morning? Someone in the crowd on The Today Show was holding up a sign stating “Yooper Women!” Actually, the holder of the sign appeared to be a good looking young man! I thought maybe you, or another of my UP friends were doing a NYC tour!! (LOL) P.S. If it was you, we expect pictures!!!

I read an obituary for a gentleman recently that put a new twist on the concept of a “Celebration of Life.” He knew he was in the last stages of a long illness and threw his own party a few weeks before his death. His “Bon Voyage” affair was attended by over 100 of his family, friends and colleagues and was a real blow-out which his family claims he enjoyed thoroughly! Happy trails, my friend!

I’m not a big fan of the current Mayor of Baltimore. (Thankfully, I have not lived there in many years.) However, I must give her kudos for creatively instituting the furloughs necessitated by budget cuts. All non-essential City employees there are facing a number of furlough days in the coming year. She has tried to take some of the sting out of this by attaching those unpaid days off to several holiday weekends. The reasoning being: If you’re not being paid for the day, hopefully, you can at least do something fun and exciting with your extra-long weekend. This week, they are getting a 4-day Columbus Day weekend!

Hey, did you hear about the Faux Zebras at the Gaza zoo? Seems the zoo, the only last family attraction in Gaza, lost all of its animals except one lioness to starvation or escape during the military offensive. In an effort to restore the facility, zoo workers smuggled dogs,cats and monkeys in through tunnels from Eqypt but, at $15,00 per animal, they simply could not purchase a zebra. They could, however, have a local artist paint donkeys with stripes to look like zebras!! The Faux Zebras are now the main attraction at the zoo with little ones clamoring to have their pictures taken with them!! Talk about creative solutions!!!

I spent a little while last night playing with the layout of my Etsy shop. Etsy instituted the ability to rearrange your listings a few weeks back but I hadn't done anything with the new feature until now. With Halloween rushing toward us, I wanted to keep my Halloween items at the forefront but didn't want to devote the entire Featured Items section to them. So, I used the new feature to place them at the top of my listings, followed closely by the Christmas line-up. I'm happy to report, the new feature is super simple to use and does give us a chance to display a bit more effectively. If you have an Etsy presence and haven't tried this feature yet, jump in and play with it. It was definitely a long time coming.

In case you were wondering, I took these pics at the Freedom Festival in Simpsonville, SC in May, 2008. It was the first balloon festival I ever attended and I was impressed! I took a tremendous number of pictures so I have tons to choose from. They really make me happy just to look at them!

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