Monday, October 19, 2009

5 Constructive Things I Should Have Done Today ...

As most of you know, we'll be traveling again at the end of the week. I'll be disconnected from the internet for two weeks so I've been stockpiling some posts to run while I'm gone.

Sometimes, it's hard enough to come up with one post a day but today I created six with pictures and such. Pre-posting is considerably more difficult from a technical viewpoint. Spacing doesn't always publish as planned and often pics will be off a bit. For this reason, I try not to do any creative layouts so there is less to go wrong. Dating needs to be adjusted carefully or the post won't land when and where I've planned. This all takes a considerable amount of time. Time I should have spent on other activities. Activities that are much more vital to getting out of here on this trip this week. (At least The Big Guy would think so!)

So, here's a list of 5 more constructive things I should have done today:
  1. Finished all of the laundry so I won't be rushing to wash things that need to be packed the night before we leave. (I guess I could have been doing that AND working on those blog posts simultaneously. After all, I didn't need to carry them down to the river to beat them on the rocks - just down to the basement.)
  2. Ironed all of the clothes that are already clean but do need to be pressed. (You've got to agree that would cut into my blogging time! )
  3. Gathered all of the toiletries, jewelry, hair accessories, books, etc. that also need to be packed. (It is amazing how long that takes. I also know there will be some I need to add to the shopping list as they will also be needed here at home while we're gone.)
  4. Finished the two birthday gifts that need to go with us. (I'd like to be able to load the car without worrying about situating the item whose paint is still wet! Now that would be a novelty!)
  5. Shortening two pairs of pants I'd like to take with me. (I have found it awkward to balance a whole pair of pants in my lap while sewing and riding simultaneously. I always seem to drop the needle or spool of thread on the floor and then need to wait until the next rest stop to get them!)

So, we now know what I should have done but I did legitimately do some constructive chores (besides blogging and twittering). I did some grocery shopping, made a good meal for our dinner (Yes, I did make it from scratch!), cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and refined the packing list. I am making progress.

After all, tomorrow is another day!


elsiee said...

I'm exhausted just READING your to do list - you need to get on the road ASAP and let the relaxation begin!!

RhiannonSTR said...

Wow - two weeks without internet connection. I can barely stand to be away for more than a few hours at a time. You will get everything done - deep breath. I'll feed your fish while you are away ;)
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readingsully2 said...

You sound like me. LOL. Where are you going?

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