Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the road again ....

One last post before hitting the road for Omaha. The van is packed. All I have to do is make one last drug store run and pack the coolers. (Oh yeah, toilet seat broke last night so Home Depot is a MUST! The folks staying here at home might complain without it.) Will pick The Big Guy up just past lunchtime and the trip is on!

I think I actually got everything done. I've got a duffel full of projects to work on. I've stock piled posts to run in my absence (no internet connection at my in-laws). I know I'll go through withdrawal! (There won't be any Working the Shows Wednesday themes till I get back. Sorry!) I've included some holiday projects and a giveaway in those posts so be sure to check them out.

Well, got to get moving. (Was just waiting for Home Depot to be open.)

See y'all on the rebound.

Be good, y'all!!!


Sandy said...

I'm spending some time catching up on blogs this morning. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Have a great trip!

Christie Cottage said...

Have fun in Omaha!

I laughed about the toilet seat. I have actually seen some that have been duct taped! LOL