Tuesday, October 20, 2009

65 days and counting ....

Yep, Santa's getting it all together. I hear he sent the old red suit out for cleaning and alterations. (He wouldn't say if the seams are being let out or taken in.) The mechanic elves are busy giving the sleigh a winterization so it'll be all ship-shape for the big trip. I even heard he's already working on the second draft of the Naughty and Nice list!

I wish I was as sure that I'll be ready for the big day. Frankly, I'm starting to worry a bit. There's so much to do! Heck, I'm still painting on two birthday gifts that need to travel with us this week! Not only don't I have all the holiday gifts for the Omaha wing of the family packed and ready to go, I don't have any of them!! I usually aim at having most, especially the bulky ones, ready to hand carry out there with us on this trip. I guess I'll be doing my share to support the Postal Service this year.

I've been busy doing all those things on yesterday's list today so, hopefully, the luggage will be ready to go in the car tomorrow afternoon. We're leaving Thursday afternoon but The Big Guy prefers to load all the big stuff the day before so he won't have to do it in the dark before he goes to work. I'll then get the last-minute stuff and coolers loaded and pick him up a little past lunchtime so we can beat the rush hour traffic. (If I don't post on Thursday, you'll understand.)

There's so many little things to remember. Luckily, the house will be occupied while we're gone so the mail, our fish, the house etc. will all be taken care of. Not much to prep there. We've left instructions about no major digging while we're gone. (Last time we were away, they dug up the front yard in an attempt to remove a stump for us as a surprise.)

I'm trying to wrap up all loose ends online, too.

Elsiee - If you read this post - I still need a mailing address for you for the gift from my Craft It Forward project. I haven't forgptten you - just don't have the address!

Also, on the subject of giveaways, here's a picture of the prize won by Flannyoak for the funny caption contest from a few weeks back. (There's another funny caption contest coming up next week)


Ooops! I did have a Christmas project to tell you about today! Guess I'll have to get it to you in a day or two. Sorry, simply too tired at the moment.

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Hollyrocks said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip! I can't wait to hear about your Christmas project. Oh how that holiday creeps up on me...