Friday, October 23, 2009

A challenge to all you bloggers ...

I've been triple dog dared!!

What can I do but take the challenge?

Jewel over at jewelstreetdesigns has challenged those of us who blog and have more than a few followers to get to know our followers.

She pointed out that most of us really can't remember all of our followers and asked if we took the time to get to know all of our followers? She points out that we all have our regular blogs that we follow but asked if they are the same ones who follow us. I know some are.

She's right. I do follow quite a few of my followers but maybe not all of you. In fact, there have been days when things got hectic and I really didn't take time to check out my new followers. Now, I'm feeling guilty.


Jewel has issued a challenge. She wants me to visit the blogs of all the people who follow me. She says it's okay if I only manage to visit a few each day, but won't let me stop until I've visited all of you !

Then, she wants me to comment on a post each of you have written and the post must be relevant. (As she says, I may find some new blogs that I've just got to follow or, maybe, I'll just cheer you up with my comment. At least, you'll know I've stopped by.)

I can do this. I will do this.

Of course, I can't start until I get back from this trip as I don't have internet access here. (These are pre-posted to run while I'm away.)

So, tidy up gang, I'll be stopping by sometime in November. It's going to take me a while 'cuz there's lots of you out there but I'll be by. So, please leave a light on for me. It may be late.

By the way, I'm passing that triple dog dare on to you!


Darling Dazzles Bowtique said...

I think this is a great idea! I will possibly tackle this challenge soon myself! Have a great trip!

Angela said...

That's a good challenge! I have made some really great friends through my blog! I think I will take the time to search through and make more friends!

Debsparkles said...

I love this idea , it may be a challenge all bloggers should take, I think for me the best part of blogging is reading others updates before I start my own each time I sit to update a post.

missbmckay said...

I love doing this with my followers. Just do a few a day, and then you don't feel so overwhelmed.

readingsully2 said...

What a wonderful Idea. I will try this too.