Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm making my list and checking it twice...

With only 79 days left 'til Christmas morn', you bet I'm making a list - or two - or maybe ten!

There's the list of everybody we need gifts for, the list of those gifts I want to make, the list for those we need to order or shop for, the card list, the list of things that need to be done to get the house ready for the holidays, the baking list - and those are just the household lists!

Then there are the business lists. Most important over there, is the list of merchandise I need to get finished and listed in time to sell them for the holiday!!

I'm starting to prioritize my lists. I need a list of all my lists!!

Santa has it easy. He's got two lists - the good girls and boys and the bad. The bad is easy. He can do a production line for packing up those bags of coal. Oh, and he can have some elves work that line for him. I hear they work cheap - just a plate of cookies and some hot chocolate. I'm sure Mrs. Clause is working on those cookies already.

Santa just needs to decide what each child on the good list should receive and then send a work order to the right elf department. The gifts are made, wrapped and placed in the sleigh for him with neat little labels telling him just where they go.

I understand he then settles in for a good long nap, gets up for a great meal with the missus and then sets off for one super long night of delivering gifts with lots of cookie snacking along the way. When he gets back to the North Pole on Christmas morning, I hear he settles in for a long winter's nap! How many of you got a long nap on Christmas morn after staying up all night getting the gifts together?

(If you did, please won't you tell me how?)

Oh yeah, before I tackle all those lists there's the immediate lists. I have orders to fill now, birthday gifts to make that are due by next week, and packing lists to put together for our Fall trip out west to see the in-laws (in a couple weeks). Talk about needing to prioritize!!

I did get my Halloween merchandise done this week. I don't stock a lot of Halloween items but I like to feature a few. This year, I've just done three onesies and I listed them today. Y'all had a sneak peak yesterday before they were all done. Here's a peek at the finished products.
Just click here or on the pic for a link to the shop for more info on each.

Here's hoping your lists stay manageable this year. we can always dream, can't we?


MaritimeArts said...

How adorable! Onsies rock! My kids lived in them.

RhiannonSTR said...

Yes - I already started the lists for the holidays. (I have shopping about 1/3 done)
Hours and hours of shopping for just the right gifts. More hours of wrapping and writing out the tags, making each gift so cute. Then the kids rip them open and Christmas is over in twenty minutes. *sigh*

I have one question - HOW did you get the 'feed the fish' on your blog - I want one SO bad.

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