Sunday, October 18, 2009

Muffins and Rejection

I baked five batches of muffins today!! (Okay, so I did use mixes instead of working from scratch but I get credit for production volume, don’t I?)
I was truly motivated. In addition to wanting something sweet myself, I felt like I needed to take care packages to my two elderly aunts. It’s been a while since I visited and I always take something along for their pleasure. We usually have lunch and then spend some time just visiting and chatting. I try to get over there every few weeks but I’ve lapsed and it’s been more like two months. I’m feeling guilty. (I have called and I did send postcards while we were on vacation.)

Well, we’re getting ready to go away again and it will be another two weeks before I can visit if I don’t go this week. So, I baked the muffins, picked a nice selection and wrapped and labeled them individually so they can be tossed in the freezer and taken out one at a time as the ladies want them. (The rest become free game around here!) Then, I called each aunt to set up a date - hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday…

I’m feeling the sting of rejection tonight. My two elderly aunts (ages 85 and 90) are too busy to do lunch this week!

In all honesty, I’m glad they lead such active and busy lives and are well enough to do so. The younger of the two has a full social calendar and needs some lead time to schedule a quick lunch.

They both live in a humongous retirement village nearby where they each have separate and private apartments. One has been there over 12 years and the other for about 8 years. There are scads of clubs, groups and activities available to them there and the complex houses over a dozen different restaurants, several hair salons, several bank branches and there are small convenience stores in each building. When we get together for lunch, we often meet at the pub on the premises. It’s always crowded and there are folks playing pool, cards and other games. It reminds me of Cheers for the mature set. I only hope I have the energy and opportunity to be that active at their age.

An uncle, from the other side of my family, also lives in the same complex but you definitely need to plan ahead to meet up with him. Another octogenarian, he still drives (in the daytime only) and has a car. Just as in high school, one of the keys to popularity is having your own wheels. On top of that, males are in the minority in this age group. A lifetime “charmer”, he usually appears to have a harem! (And to think, we all worried about him getting out and about after his wife passed!)

Once I got over the shock of their schedules being fuller than mine, I revamped my plans and will simply run in and drop their muffins off to them tomorrow. We’ve already scheduled our luncheon date for after we come back to town. At least then, I’ll have pictures for show and tell!

Please take time to enjoy the company of your elders. We can learn a lot from them. (My aunt has been teaching me how to play with a Wii !!)

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