Friday, September 30, 2011

This post is NOT about FB!!!

Please stop making improvements. I don't care what it is that you are calling New and Improved. I'm sure I liked it better the old way!

While everybody else seems to be all steamed up over FB changes and changes over on the Etsy site and other online places, I'm even more concerned about how everything seems to be different every time we buy something. Ranging from my regular soft spread margarine, the updated version of my camera that I've loved for 10 years, the computer stationery that I use for customer thank yous, my laundry detergent and even down to my favorite undies!

Last week I purchased the same soft spread margarine we've used for years but they've now changed the formula. Supposedly it is now healthier and has a much richer taste. Who did the tasting? Straight Crisco would have the same flavor, I believe. I compared the nutrition numbers - there's so little health difference, it's negligible. (Unless you eat it by the spoonful - but then, the flavors so pitiful, who would?) The biggest difference is it is now hard and difficult to spread even if you leave it sitting out for a while. Today, I instructed The Big Guy to skip our usual brand and go back to the Shedd's Spread we used to use. It'll cost us more again but we won't be struggling so hard with it and will use less in that sense as it will spread easily.

I use some of that pre-printed computer paper that has a cute juvenile border on it for my customer thank-yous. I customize the note and give specific care instructions there, too. The new package contains the same amount of pages but the paper is now so thin you could use it as tracing paper. I'm now revamping the notes using my own stationery design that I can print on heavier paper. Once I get the stationery just like I like it, I'll print a stack of my own and it won't be any less convenient than before. I think I'll even like it better in the end.

Then, there the laundry detergent. They've made the large bottle "a more attractive style" (That's really important when it's sitting on the shelf in the laundry room !) What they don't mention is that it now doesn't fit in the same shelf space as it's new curvier styling pushes it away from the wall and it overhangs the edge, causing to fall easily. The first one we bought in that shape, fell and split!! Do you know how hard it is to clean liquid laundry soap off a tile floor? (Talk about slimey!!) Luckily, I was able to dig the old jug out of the recycle bin and now must empty new bottles into it each time.

Why not give updates on clothing designs a new style (model) number? I buy my everyday undies from one of the leading undergarment companies that's been around for quite a while. I haven't changed size or shape but their panties have. They have the same style number, the same label and are the same size but, boy, are they different!!! The cut on the hi-cut legs varies tremendously about every six months and the elastic at the top varies anywhere from 3/8" to 1" from season to season. I'm sure a man designs these and doesn't realize the differences these changes make in fit. Stop improving them!! I love the oldest ones I have but they're wearing out!! Bring back the pink-striped waistband style!! Please!!!

I'm now looking for a new camera. I want a small (pocket size) point and shoot but I need to be able to use it for everything as I don't have the budget or mind for a bunch of different cameras for different purposes. I loved my old one (a Casio Exilim) but it's over 10 years old and has now taken almost 12,000 photos. It's tired and it shows. I'd love to just get the newer version of the same camera but they've changed just about everything I liked about it. It doesn't appear to be as practical and I gleaned that fact form the many consumer reviews I've looked at. I found one I did like (a Cannon) but when I searched this 2011 design to see where I could get it, I found it had already been discontinued for a "new and improved" version that now has a pop-up flash that consumers seem to be having trouble with already. I'm back to square one on this. (Thus, no photos tonight, Gang.)

So, please, Mr. Manufacturer, please stop improving our everyday items. I want the old styles back. (I am one of those folks who purposely types in "Classic" Mapquest and "Classic" Weatherunderground. ) CHANGE does not mean BETTER.

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