Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brrrr!! Things have changed around here!!

I had forgotten there were temperatures below 60 degrees!!! Until today. I KNOW Autumn has come because The Big Guy dug out his long pants this morning.

I haven't seen those since mid-April (Except for 2 formal occasions when I was able to convince him shorts just wouldn't cut it.)

As if that wasn't bad enough, I even found him cuddling under an afghan to "take the chill off" his arms! He absolutely refuses to wear long sleeves before November!!

It was cool, gray and (Surprise!) rainy here this morning!! We had planned on attending an all-day outdoor wine festival but when we considered the rather high admission fee ($30/head), the "rain or shine" conditions and the fact that we knew we didn't want to possibly sit in the rain most of the day, we scratched that plan.

Plan B was a free (outdoor) blues festival near D.C. It had several things going in its favor: 1) FREE and 2) It started later in the day so we didn't need to rush. (We would have had to leave home at about 9:30 for the wine festival.) Unfortunately, when we got ready to go at about 11 a.m., it was raining in D.C. Scratch that.

On to Plan C. It never rains inside casinos. Does it?

Inside the Elkton Diner in Elkton, MD

We wrapped the evening up with dinner in a Marilyn Monroe shrine. Well, they call it a "diner" but every inch of wall space is covered with photos, posters and such of Marilyn. There's even a life-size figurine of her in the lobby. Funny, most of the men really enjoy eating there and they don't even mind if service is a little slow. They just sit and stare quietly at the walls!

Hope y'all had a good day, too !!!

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Holly said...

How funny, I wore my long pants for the first season too! Hope you have a lovely autumn. :-)