Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stop messing with Mother Nature !!!

I'm convinced. Mother Nature is a vengeful old biddy and someone has really been getting her goat lately! We're beyond soggy, maybe even well past saturated. I've been practicing tredding water and keep reminding myself to float on my back when I get tired.

We live about a mile from the river but I'm considering hanging life jackets on the hooks by the door - just so they're handy.

My neighbor keeps two boats on trailers in his driveway. Last night, I saw him tie a bowline over the tree limb just in case they start floating. One can never be too careful.
One of our nieces took this pic on her
street. No, that isn't a river!

Another neighbor has planned a stag party at his house tomorrow - eight guys fishing from his back deck. (No, he doesn't normally live on the waterfront.)

Our niece took this pic of the walking path near their house.

There's a rumor that the Steelers are arriving in Baltimore by cruise ship for the big game against the Ravens on Sunday. It will be docked at the West Entrance to M&T Stadium. (I've also been told those purple seats can also be used as flotation devices.)

The Ravens' practice field in Owings Mills, MD!!!!

The Ravens have been busy getting ready for that game, too. They've had to alter practice a bit though. Now when Coach Harbaugh says "Give me 10 laps," they ask "Breast Stroke or Doggie Paddle?"

Our plans for the weekend ? It's a toss up between bailing water (a new local trend), mud wrestling, or, if it's warm, just laying on a raft and floating around the back yard.

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