Thursday, September 1, 2011

Football Night In America

Thursday Night - Time to watch football! Okay, I KNOW it's only a pre-season game but it's the last pre-season event. I'm getting excited.

Our house is dedicated to the Ravens and they're looking pretty good at the moment.

We dress the part, too, so I whipped up a few outfits for the littlest fans in the family. (Unfortunately, the purple didn't photograph well. It IS purple and not blue.) Check them out:

The little guy wearing this one likes it 'cuz Coach Harbaugh wears a shirt styled just like it. (Of course, his doesn't have cutesie little cartoon characters on it. so this one is BETTER!!)

His little sister is adorable in this onesie!

This one is just right for our littlest fan!! (This style is also available in my shop now. You can choose your team colors and customize the little girl, too.) See it in detail here.

Did I mention there's a football on the rump of each onesie?

Of course, there's one in every crowd - somebody who crosses the field and gets "involved" with a fan from the other side ! Yep, folks, that IS a Steeler on that onesie. (We're soooo ashamed!)

I AM aware that the Steelers and the Ravens are mortal enemies and we do plan to show them who's boss when we stomp on them in the season opener next week!!!

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