Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ummm, Ummm, Good!!!


I've joined the Marchphotoaday Challenge along with Mama Tink and some other bloggers. Basically, every participant posts a picture of a specific subject for each day of the month.

Today's subject is "delicious":

I'm a Chesapeake Bay gal -
Steamed crabs are a way of life here!

Crabs are a lifestyle here, not just a meal. Eating crabs is usually a social event, even if you do it every week or even more often. They're messy and you do need to use your hands. You set the table with newspaper, butcher paper,or even old grocery bags. You need a knife and a wooden mallet. (Although we've often made do without the mallet - a swift bop of the knife handle will usually work, too.) When you get them out, you generally refer to the restaurant as a "Crab House" and it usually is not formal. Folks tend to talk among the tables at such joints and the mood is usually a good one. Crabs are a "Happy Food!"

If you've never tried one, it should be on your bucket list.

Here's the list if you'd like to play along with the March Photo Challenge, too.

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