Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not the corner!! Please don't make me go there!


I've joined the Marchphotoaday Challenge along with Mama Tink and some other bloggers. Basically, every participant posts a picture of a specific subject for each day of the month.

Today's subject is "a corner of your home":

Oh, no! Please don't make me go there! Not THE corner!
I'm afraid, very afraid!

I bet a lot of people took pics of their cleanest, neatest or even cutest corner. Sure, everybody has those kind of corners. BUT - I bet they ALL have this kind of corner, too. The out-of-the-way spot where you stash things. All these things really belong elsewhere but they're much more convenient when stashed at the end of the hall. I mean, that vacuum is awfully heavy to drag up and down the steps to the basement several times a week. Oh, it does go downstairs when guests are coming but it hides in this corner most days. (Like most of us, it has gained weight over the last decade. I don't remember it being so heavy when we first got it.) The buckets are used weekly for fish tank maintenance and, yes, they do have a shelf of their own in the garage. (Like the vacuum, they go there when company is coming.)

Oh, that red sweatshirt ? That one doesn't live here. I'm hoping by hanging it in plain sight, it will be noticed and carried back home by one of those folks who can never remember to gather ALL their belongings when leaving. (You KNOW who you are!) I used to have a shelf for such items but, alas, it's gotten full because they all tend to leave more and more things here on a regular basis. The Big Guy says it's like they're dropping crumbs so they can find their way back home but I believe it's because they don't have a corner to stash things in like we do!

Everybody needs a corner like this in their home!

Here's the list if you'd like to play along, too.

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Kirsten Dentroux said...

Thanks for the mention! Great photo entry! I have several of those corners and no, no one ever claims their crap!