Friday, March 23, 2012

AC on in March !!!!

Well, now we've gone and done it. We turned the AC on in March!!! Got home to an inside temp in the mid-80s and simply couldn't get it any cooler with the fans. It was getting awfully sticky in here. The humidity was really kicking in today, too. Feels good now. Hopefully, we can turn it off in a day or two. I think Tuesday is supposed to be near "normal" (mid 50s).

I can tell it's Spring as we're judging the first BBQ of the season tomorrow. Looking forward to some good food and a chance to see the whole BBQ gang. Funny, we see those folks every couple weeks for 6 months straight and then not at all for the other 6 months. Only a few of us stay in touch via FB through the winter. One of those few let me know today they won't be there tomorrow but are encouraging us to expand our horizons and judge a chili contest with them in 2 weeks! Hmmm, need to check our calendar for that one. We've never done a chili contest.

We had a great visit with some friends today. We did get a Japanese Maple for a memorial gift for them. (She lost her Mom last month.) I was willing to go along with The Big Guy's choice of a saucer magnolia since we like ours so much, but the ones they had at the nursery just didn't look great.) The tree was a little bigger than we'd planned and was a little harder to fit in the van. The nursery guy ended up crawling into the vehicle to pull it in and get it situated then had trouble getting out. I teased him that we were going to hold him captive but he found a hole to squeeze through. Amazingly, The Big Guy didn't have a lot of trouble pulling it out, pot first, through the sliding door on the side! They were really pleased with it and were trying to decide just where to plant it when we left. (They do own automated digging equipment that will make that job easier for them.)

Got home in time to squeeze a quick nap in before our neighbor came over for the weekly card game. All-in-all, it was a good day.

Our neighbor did the lawn last night and today so I guess we need to get out there and work the flower beds and do some trimming now to make it "Lawn Beautiful" as The Big Guy likes to call it. Still too early here to really plant yet. Hard to believe it when you look around though. The forsythias are gorgeous this year - very full. The flowering cherries and plums are pretty much at their peak (we've got a tremendous number of both in the general area), the saucer magnolias and star magnolias have actually peaked and are going to leaf now, the red buds are blooming and the earliest azalea breed around these parts popped forth today. Daffodils are everywhere! I even saw a few beds of hyacinths in bloom today. We're a full month early on most of these.

Well, got to head off to bed so I'll be ready to judge in the morning.

Happy weekend, All!!

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