Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A little vintage shopping therapy ...

The Big Guy left me home alone for a few hours this morning. (You'd think he'd know better, after all these years!) So, I relished in having the place to myself for awhile, and, then ...

A light bulb went off!!!!

Hmmm, I had money in my pocket and a real big thrift store right around the corner! (He doesn't like me to go there without supervision as he's trying to get rid of all that extra stuff around the house. Thus, the development of the Vintage Section in my Etsy shop.) I mean, he doesn't mind if I'm going strictly to look for supplies like ribbons and lace or the occasional brand new (with store tags) lampshade to paint. He doesn't want more figurines for the collections we already have (the ones we're NOT selling off) or "interesting" finds that I thought I couldn't live without.

So, after deep consideration (about 5 minutes of thought), I took off for an adventure. I didn't do bad. Well, not tooo bad. I only picked up a few items that were bea-u-ti-ful! All of which I think are perfect for painting and reselling. Lucky for me I had plenty of time to get them home and hide them carefully. I know. I could justify their purchase with the "they're for the shop" argument but then he might point out I already have a stock pile of "To Be Painted" pieces. (Also, lucky for me, he doesn't read this blog!)

This is what I grabbed, for a mere ten spot!!

The one in the front, to the left, is a beautiful amethyst color. (The picture just doesn't do it justice!) The small one on the right is a solid black heavy glass. (At the moment, I'm thinking either white daisies or bright red poppies on that one.) Of course, the blue ones will probably feature fish. I seem to be able to really move fish and seascapes on blue glass. I find those canning jar style pieces are very popular lately so I've always got an eye out for them.

As of today, I'm vowing to steer clear of that place until these are painted and listed in the shop. Please, wish me luck on this one! (I mean, the only way in and out of my house is to go right past their driveway!)


I've joined the Marchphotoaday Challenge along with Mama Tink and some other bloggers. Basically, every participant posts a picture of a specific subject for each day of the month.

Today's subject is "Something You Wore":

Those are my trusty crocs, right where I kicked them off.
Gawd, I LUV those shoes!

Here's the list if you'd like to play along, too.

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