Sunday, February 13, 2011

A family kind of Sunday ...

I finally got back to doing some painting this morning.

I wasn't working on stock for the shop but for a family baby shower coming up next week and I needed to make some special gifts. This was a bit of a challenge. We don't know the gender this time. It's been so long since I had to think "neutral" when preparing a shower gift. I really didn't want to suffocate the poor child with yellow and green so I did have to think a little harder. Everything is still drying so I can't take pics to post yet. (The new mama doesn't read my blog.)

After a few hours of painting, I had to go to a bridal shower for a niece who's getting married next month. We won't be going to the wedding as she has chosen a beautiful beach in Hawaii to do the deed. The Big Guy just doesn't feel he's physically up to such a grueling flight. (Remember, we're on the East Coast.) He did it once 30 years ago and ended up flat on his back with painful spasms while he was there - and he was young then!! After a 3-week honeymoon in French Polynesia, there will be a local reception held here for them. We will NOT miss that affair!!

Today's event was a fairly small affair with a few close friends and family but we enjoyed having an opportunity for just us girls to chat. Of course, there are always those that we just don't see often enough and it's always good to have such an excuse to get together.

Hope y'all had a great day today, too.

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