Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ditzing ...

I was out doing my ditzy blonde act today while running some errands. (O.K., so maybe it's not ALWAYS an act!) I have a friend that has created a verb out of that - "DITZING". I think my mind just wasn't staying focused and I ended up retracing my route and actually going around in circles. I passed the same road construction crew three times - in about 5 minutes. Yes, they DID notice. I had to stop to wait for them to wave me through each time. Seriously, I must have been quite a sight. My hair had gone schizoid with static electricity and was really standing up strangely. On the last pass through, they stood and laughed at me first!!

Thank goodness I don't have a 5-year-old in the car with me to report on this adventure at dinner. (My sister-in-law says that's the worst - when even the little kids know it's funny! Her grandchildren are always eager to announce when they've gotten lost with her on errands and it DOES happen a lot. The woman needs a GPS!)

I may be ditzy at times but I was behind a truly crazy man at a red light. While waiting for the light to change, he actually opened the driver's door and bent down to pick cigarette butts up from the gutter. It wasn't like he was cleaning them up. (There's a few hundred at that particular curb.) It actually looked like he was picking some that could be relit and smoked!! Ewwwww!!!! Gross!!!!!

I have seen this sort of thing before when I saw some young guys pull up to the curb in front of our closest casino and jump out to swipe cigs out of the big ash pots by the door. I will admit, there are usually almost whole cigs put out as folks enter the casino (no smoking allowed inside) but I can't imagine grabbing some stranger's butts to smoke! (Yes, I did smoke in my younger days but was NEVER that desperate! Of course, cigarettes only cost 35 cents a pack in those days!)

Speaking of off-the-wall behavior....

Or just plain stupid, a burglar in Montgomery County, Maryland was caught the other day after breaking and entering a number of residences over the last few weeks. Seems he was in a house, robbing the joint, when a resident returned home. He managed to get out of the house but when police arrived, they found a cell phone that did not belong to the residents sitting in a charger plugged into the wall . You guessed it! They were able to trace it back to the burglar, finding many of the recently stolen goods in his home. Turns out the burglar lives in one of the areas that lost power for an extended time during last week's snow storm. Guess he had to find someplace to charge the phone! "Stupid" (?) or just "resourceful"(?) -- You decide.

Then there are the smarter criminals that seem to have kept their activities under wraps until FATE steps in. Seems a driver lost control of his BMW back in December in Howard County, Maryland. The vehicle careened into a house, killing the driver. Emergency workers found numerous marijuana plants in the house as well as hydroponic and lighting equipment used for the growing operation. During the accident investigation, police obtained a search warrant and found additional smaller plants. The homeowner has been indicted on various drug charges including possession, manufacturing and intent to distribute. If only that guy had hit the neighbor's house, this enterprising businessman would still be in business!!

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