Friday, February 25, 2011

Allright!!! Crabs are back!

Spring MUST be coming. Our favorite crab house opened for the season tonight! THIS is why we stay right here along the Chesapeake Bay!!
It was cold and damp and extremely windy but the smell of hot steamed crabs warmed our innards. Our crab house is a little, traditional venue filled with "regulars." For a few months a year (the "off" season) we don't see each other at all and then, once the crabs are in the steamer, we sit side-by-side, week after week, sharing news, laughs and discussing the world's news. Oh, yeah, we watch ball games on the big screen together, too. It's sort of like our "Cheers." (You DO realize beer is also a vital part of eating crabs, don't you?)
Seriously, I spent yesterday working on and listing some new merchandise in the shop. (So, my crabs were simply my reward.) I've revamped my little crocheted Mary Jane baby booties by adding a sock portion to the shoe. I think it looks soooo much cuter. At the moment, I'm still offering the old style, too, but I think they'll phase out as I sell them off. What do you think of the new ones?
I also listed a totally new painted set featuring sock monkeys. I'm hoping this one becomes popular as I love painting those little guys.
I may spend the weekend doing some sewing, finishing up some items that I've got started but have not quite gotten done for the shop yet. It's still not good outdoor weather around here.

Hope y'all have a good one!!

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