Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can you spare some thoughts and prayers?

Another blogger and crafter and her family that I know from the Etsy community is desperately in need of positive thoughts and prayers at this time.

Cindy Boardman of Charlotte, NC, and her family suffered a massive 2-alarm fire early on February 3. Their 11-year-old son died of injuries after being flown to a trauma center in Columbia. They also lost 10 family pets. (The barking of 4 dogs led firemen to their son who had collapsed in a hallway.) In addition to these devastating losses, they also lost EVERYTHING in their home. Cindy and Bob and their older son, Tim, were able to escape the fire but were unable to get to Kevin. They all also required treatment immediately following the blaze. I can't begin to comprehend how one can cope after such an experience. (This came on top of the death of Cindy's mom in December.) They have located temporary housing.

They have no local family there but her husband's employer has jumped in to help by setting up a fund which is accepting donations for the family. They will also forward cards and other expressions of personal condolences. Her Etsy family has also created an online method to make donations through Paypal and are undertaking other efforts to show support. For more detailed information as to how you can help in any of these efforts, click here.

You may be familiar with Cindy's work. She has created beautiful jewelry for over 25 years and maintains an Etsy shop, Designed by Lucinda. She has also blogged for quite some time although she has not posted since late December when she posted this poem following her mother's death.

* * * * * * *
The elephant sits on my chest
and I tell myself
"Just breathe,
just breathe.
Get through the moment,
get through this minute,
just breathe."
And the pressure diminishes
but it never ceases.

Just breathe, just breathe.

* * * * * * *

I can't begin to fathom how to go about breathing and moving on after all such a crisis.

Please send thoughts, prayers and huge cyber hugs of support to Cindy and Bob to help them get through this. I'm sure they need every ounce of support we can forward their way.

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Quality Cords said...

My prayers are with the family. I worked for several years with victims of house fires so I've seen first hand the devastation. It is terrible, may God give them peace.
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