Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wine a little - you'll feel better!

Still having computer probs - so no pics today. (Using someone else's computer.) Just a quick, humorous story ...

Every Sunday a woman went to a cozy local wine bar in Napa Valley and ordered three glasses of wine, she drank each one quietly and then would quietly leave. People began talking about her, wondering why she did this, she became a bit of a celebrity.

One day the bar keeper asked her why she drank three glasses of wine each Sunday. She replied, each Sunday she and her two sisters agreed to have one glass for each sister in honor of each other, though they lived far, one in Italy and the other in New Zealand they would be close in heart. They always enjoyed a fine glass of wine.

Recently, the woman arrived to the wine bar and ordered only two glasses of wine. The bar tender was saddened, and the locals too, they talked, and word spread that she may have lost a sister...A couple weeks later the bar keeper said to the woman, I'm sorry, did you lose a sister? The woman replied, no I just gave up wine for Lent.


Hope you're sitting there with a smile on your face and a glass of good wine in your hand!


Campbell Jane said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! too funny!

hotacrossbuns said...

thats a great story!