Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's your business' "uniqueness" ?

I was wandering around the Etsy forums today and came across a thread that definitely made me pause and think - in a good way. Or, more precisely, in a constructive manner.

The contributor pointed out that one of the basic things taught in marketing is that a business should be able to state its very own uniqueness in order to stand out from the crowd. That writer then asked:
"Do you know yours?"

I thought I did. I then tried to write it down in a reasonably concise manner and it was a lot harder than it seemed. I make painted things, mostly clothing but some home decor pieces. Hmmm, not totally unique there. I do my own designs from my own sketches. Okay, I'm getting warmer. Most of my work used to be fish and sea oriented which did give it a lot of identity but I have expanded quite a bit, inspired both by specific requests from customers and by what actually seems to sell. My work tends to have a whimsical aspect. I do a lot of cartoon-style sketches but then, in my adult wear, I do some very realistic imagery.

While thinking about this idea, I remembered another "marketing concept" I had learned back in my college days. (I took a TV advertising class taught by Frank Perdue of the chicken fame! I learned a lot from that class, too. He was good! Even if he did resemble a chicken.) That concept was the "elevator speech." This was the idea of basically having a pat description in your head for whatever you were pitching that could be stated in about 45 seconds (the length of time you would have to speak with someone in an elevator.)

Melding both of these concepts together, I tried to state my shop's uniqueness in 45 seconds. I spent most of the afternoon mulling these thoughts over. I'm still trying to sort them out and determine what IS my uniqueness. Once that's clear in my head, I need to figure out the best wording to get that across - in 45 seconds.

I'll need to get back on you with that.

So, what's your uniqueness? Can you state it in 45 seconds?

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