Friday, March 26, 2010

Flowers are bursting out all over!

Spring came to our neighborhood, seemingly overnight this week. After a glorious weekend, we had a fairly cool and damp Monday and Tuesday but it warmed up again when the sun came out on Wednesday. Voila!! By Thursday morning, the flower beds around the corner from home were in full bloom!

Before you get too excited, this is what the blooms look like in my yard:

Not real impressive. In past years, we had a full bed of daffodils in the middle of the yard but when the boys dug up the front yard last summer they dislodged about 300 bulbs. I'll admit, I'm the one who did not get them replanted. They're still sitting in a box in the garage. (Wonder if they'd be any good next year if I planted them now.) So, for the first time in over 30 years, there are no daffodils in my yard (Okay, there are a few strays but VERY few!)

Thursday was such a pretty day that The Big Guy came home from work and announced we should take a picnic to the park. (How convenient. I'd neglected to get anything out for dinner and was scrambling to think up a meal plan!) We packed some drinks and fruit and stopped and got carryout chicken and a loaf of good bread. (Nothing like a lot of prep!)

The park was beautiful and we enjoyed watching a few boats glide in and out of the marina but the air turned chilly fairly quickly so it was a short picnic. Hopefully, just the start of evenings to come.

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Flight Fancy said...

I always love it when the daffies start blooming, sure sign of spring :).