Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March !!!

Yea, a new month is upon us. I need a fresh start. Time to get painting.
I was quite unproductive in February. I had absolutely no motivation or creative inspiration though I would have had plenty of time to execute any designs I came up with since I was snowed in for much of the month. Last week, I finally took time to simply sand some of my wood blanks. That takes no creativity at all, just elbow grease.

I also forced myself to do a little basic base coating. Again, not much creativity required. Base coating on the wood items does take some time so it was a good project for mindless activity. I based a few more pieces today.

I have a multi-piece custom order to be picked up over the weekend so I did get busy on that today. While paint was drying on parts of that order, I actually designed something new for the shop and got a bit of painting done on that, too.

That little trek to the beach this weekend did a lot for my mood and I think it woke my mojo up. I personally find a little exposure to sand, salty sea air and the smells and sounds of the boardwalk very uplifting. If only I could truly botttle that and just take a whiff whenever I needed a push.

Here's hoping you, too, have found some inspiration and motivation to push forward toward spring. It really can't be far off now, can it?

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Flight Fancy said...

Sometimes doing the basic work is all it takes to keep moving creatively! I'm jealous you can take a walk on the beach...if you do find a way to bottle it, please send some my way :)