Thursday, March 4, 2010

Signs, signs ,,, everywhere!!!

We're all used to seeing those little yellow "Baby on Board" signs in vehicles all over the neighborhood and just how many of those "My child is an Honor Student" bumper stickers have you seen around town? I've got to admit, seeing the above on the back of The Partridge Family's bus made me smile.

After all, who wouldn't get a little anxious driving around the country in an old school bus, hauling five kids with musical instruments, knowing your meals, clothing and all other living expenses depend on making those music lessons pay off?

I gave it a little thought. If each of those "Baby on Board" signs brought in just $1 of profit, it was a gold mine! Sooooo, wouldn't all those nervous and anxious Moms be a virtually untapped market? Imagine the possibilitlities...

I think this would be preferred over the Honor Student stickers by a lot of the Moms I know. There are a lot of non-academic accomplishments to brag about, too.

I'm sure I know a few Moms who'd love to post this one just so they could glance across at the next vehicle and get one of those knowing nods from another woman who totally commiserates.

And what Mom couldn't use one of these from time to time?

I've really got to figure out how to make bumper stickers and window signs for cars. I think I've found a niche market!!!

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Almost Precious said...

I think you're on to something BIG. :)