Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What up, Man ?

So, yesterday, I glanced over at the car next to me at a red light. The driver was 45ish and looked like a mountain man or a Z Z Topp wannabe - a bit hairy! But what really caught my eye was the pile of empty 1 and 2 litre soda bottles in his back seat. I was in a van so I was looking down on this. The back seat of this small (something like a Civic) red car was completely full, right up to the front seat headrests, of empty bottles!! They were just tossed in there loose.

I had cartoon-like visions of him reaching his destination and throwing open the back doors to simply allow all those bottles to spill out in mounds. My cartoon vision then had the bottles quickly rolling, frantically in all directions, making a quick get-away ! I could picture this bearded wonder standing there shouting "No! No! Come back!"
I mean, what's up with a back seat full of loose empty bottles? Do you think he's just tossed them back there, one at a time, as he finished drinking them? How long would it take to fill up the entire back seat like that?

We don't live anywhere near a recycling center (It's at least an hour away) and wouldn't it be easier to put them in some sort of container if you were collecting them for recycling as opposed to simply throwing them in the backseat?

At times like this, I wish Paul Harvey was still around just to tell THE REST OF THE STORY !


Erica said...

he may just be a slob. My car was so gross that once a cop pulled me over to search my car and it was so dirty that he didnt want to!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, I know exactly what you mean! I know someone who does this, he literally leaves his 1 liter bottles and food containers in his car until it reaches the seats. Then he cleans it out. I was told that he has been witnessed using a shovel to empty it! Can you imagine?!