Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm beginning to believe Spring IS just around the corner!!

Well, even when the internet doesn't cooperate, life goes on. we still had trouble connecting for most of the weekend. Between attempts to get online, we squeezed in a busy weekend away from the computer.
The weather was fantastic - sunny and in the 50s!!! We had to get out there and enjoy it so we headed off to Amish country on Saturday to wander the back roads and visit the little gift and quilt shops and such. Apparently everybody else in this end of the world felt the same. Our first stop was at the Farmers' Market at Bird In Hand (PA). The place was mobbed!! We did shuffle our way into a seat at one of the lunch counters and had a quick bite accompanied by homemade birch beer (one of my faves!) We headed on down the road toward New Holland and then put in an appearance at the Kitchen Kettle Village Shops in Intercourse. The crowd there was so big, they had men on the parking lot directing visitors to available parking spaces!! I made the mistake of jumping back on the main highway to head toward home and ended up sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic that crawled along just due to the heavy volume. I headed back onto the back roads first chance I got!

There's a little spot near home where folks simply park along the roadway and walk down to the river that flows under the roadway to fish. We laughed Sunday to see the men literally standing shoulder-to-shoulder along the river banks. Those poor fish didn't stand a chance!!! Looked like you needed a ticket just to get close to the edge. The Big Guy has never dropped a line there but judging by the fact that there seems to be somebody fishing there just about all the time (when the river's not frozen!), they must be catching something.

The sunshine and warmth really brightened our moods and lifted our spirits We came home smiling!

The weekend also brought happy news from several angles among family and friends - a much anticipated engagement finally took place and another branch of the clan announced yet another baby coming our way in a few months. Yes, this Spring is definitely bringing some fresh new beginnings.

Hope y'all have finally dug out from under all the white stuff too, and are happily anticipating the coming Springtime !! (These warm sunny days are causing that big mountain of snow in our yard to do an incredible shrinking act each day!)

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