Thursday, February 4, 2010

Uh Oh! Here it goes again...

You've heard the old song, "Shrimp boats a'comin', there's dancin tonight..."? Well, around here today, you'd think it went something like this: "Blizzard's a'comin, there's panic today!"

Up until last night, forecasters would only describe the oncoming storm as "substantial" and "strong". They likened it to the December storm when we received 19"-20" in less than 24 hours. Last night, they used numbers like 12"+. Today, the predictions for my neighborhood are running from 12"-17" to 18"-24". Now, a few brave weather folk are actually listing it as 24"+.

They're panic terms in these parts. Forecasts of under 6" around here send folks scrambling for bread, eggs and chocolate - all the necessities of life! Authorities are actually advising people to get their shopping and errands done "by noon" so they can get off the roads.

Citizens took heed. The stores were mobbed. People even made a run on the banks. I stood in line there this morning for 37 minutes!! (After 15 minutes, it dawned on me my routine errand could have waited till next week but by then I'd already committed to the wait.) I'd allowed an hour to go to the bank and stop in for a few groceries that had been on my list all week. I glanced across the street at the food store and knew I'd have trouble just finding a parking spot at that moment so I went on to my appointment.

In the afternoon, after my luncheon date, I again attempted the groceries. That same store had no available carts!! I didn't even try it there. I do need to make a 7 a.m. run for those few items I DO need. In a crisis, we will survive though. I'm just not that determined.

I do wonder about those people who rush out to buy a snow shovel. What did they do with the one they used last week?

While we still have a fair amount of the white stuff on the ground from the other day's 6" snowfall, the streets and most sidewalks are completely clear. The good news is, this mess is happening over a weekend. We have the option of hibernating!!

Stay warm, y'all !!!

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