Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ain't love grand ?

Love is in the air but there's a lot of smog out there, too!

In addition to all those chocolates, roses, cookies, fudge, etc., maybe we could all use a little "couple advice" . What better opportunity than Valentine's Day ?

I recently came across this excerpt from an actual wedding ceremony. These are the words of the pastor to the couple:

"[Mary] look at [John], [John] look at [Mary]; Neither of you is marrying Mr. or Mrs. Right. Keep that in perspective, work out your differences, and all will be well."

Another minister cautions all couples, "Marriage is not easy." He then follows it with a few tips for a happy relationship. I recently found his "scared straight marriage speech" on line. It was, well, quite basic. I preferred the interesting advice given in the many comments from readers. Check some of these out:

1. Watching television does not count as "spending time together."

2. Never, ever, introduce your current spouse as "my first wife" or "my first husband." Your spouse will not think it is funny.

3. Don't ever tell another person in the presence of your spouse that you are training him or her.

4. In a "discussion" , don't EVER say, "I'm gonna break this down to your level." It just causes all kinds of things to get broken.

5. "I'm sorry" should not REALLY mean, "I'm sorry...until I do it again."

And these are specifically for my male readers (Ladies, you may want to show them to your man.) :

6. Don't ever call any pair of jeans your wife is wearing a "really nice pair of mom jeans."

7. Never ask your wife if she is PMSing.

8. Don't make pig noises while your wife is eating. It's NOT funny. EVER.


I'm not sure where I found this tidbit, but it does give one food for thought:

Think about what your spouse is living with. How easy would it be to be YOUR spouse? Now, treat them accordingly.


So, go out there and have a great Valentine's Day!!!!


Missy-Ellen said...

Nice post! I enjoyed reading a more 'real-life' approach to Valentine's Day, thanks! :)

Christie Cottage said...

Love the pics!

Happy Valentine's Day!