Friday, February 19, 2010

Puppy Tweets ! Coming soon to a collar near you!

For years, Snoopy (of Peanuts fame) has been sharing his personal thoughts with us, albeit through a translator, but soon every street-corner mutt can share their activities with anyone who chooses to join their social network.
Does your dog have it's own Twitter account yet? Better sign him/her up quick. Soon all the gang down at the Puppy Palace will have one and every four-footed mongrel will be yapping about how many followers they have.

I know we all understand (or think we do) what our own furry buds have to tell us but come Fall, Mattel's new Puppy Tweets will find it's way to a store or pet shop near you. (Amazon has already signed on as a distributor.)

Puppy Tweets is a new high tech toy (for grown-ups and their K-9 pals) in the form of a plastic tag that attaches to Spot's collar and, triggered by barking or movement, will generate an automatic update on Spot's own Twitter account.
The item features a USB receiver that you (Spot's owner) connects to your computer. Download the software and create Spot's Twitter account. Attach the plastic tag to Spot's collar and he's good to go. When he barks or moves, the receiver will get a signal from the tag and generate one of 500 random pre-recorded tweets.
Ultimately, we still won't know Spot's true thoughts just merely a possible thought like, "Woo, Woo! Check out that perky Labradoodle!" (generated by a woof, woof coming from Spot himself) or, (should Spot stop and scratch) "Hey, I've finally caught my tail!" But then, I've received less relevant tweets, haven't you?

I predict retailers will have trouble keeping these on the shelves for the first few months. I mean who wants to have the only pooch on the block who's NOT on Twitter?

Me? I'm going to keep an eye on the profiles for each of my new followers, especially anybody claiming to be "Sir Barksalot" or "Lady Bow Wow."

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