Saturday, February 6, 2010


I've got to stop looking out that bedroom window in the morning!! It was even worse today!!

It didn't look any better looking out the front windows, either.Seriously, there were about 7" of snow there at 9:00 last night. At 6 a.m., The Big Guy measured 21". When all was said and done about 4 p.m., we had about 26" in my neighborhood. Some other nearby areas had 30." Not a bad total for only 26 hours of snowing! ? (Pretty much all of the snow from Wednesday was gone before this came down. The streets and sidewalks were clear and there was less than 2" on the grass.)

We have not seen a plow yet today. (One came into our court last night about 9 p.m. and cleared the first 6"off. The street behind that Hummer in the last picture was clear at that time.)Hopefully, by tomorrow night they will have at least run through the main street in the neighborhood and by Tuesday, they will most likely plow our street. Only 3 cars even attempted the small hill going by our house today. None made it.

I am NOT a winter person. I do NOT enjoy snow. I HATE the cold. (It's 12 degrees!) I AM NOT HAPPY TODAY.

We're expecting more snow Tuesday night.

I HATE GROUNDHOGS!!! (It's Punxatawney Phil's fault!!)

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Christie Cottage said...

I am NOT a winter person either! We are to have some snow today and then tomorrow afternoon...more :-)

As long as I don't lose my power, I can handle it. I just won't go anywhere!

You stay safe and warm!