Thursday, February 18, 2010

Babs is at it again!!!

Some women are such overachievers. I really think some of them are out just to make the rest of us look bad.

I mean, how are we to feel good about ourselves when a woman we grew up with and spent all our free time with is still tall with an hour-glass figure and blonde that goes all the way to the roots. Stay with her 24/7, 365 days a year and you'll still never see a dark root, a gray wisp or even one tiny chin hair. There's never a dark bag under her eyes, chapped lips or even smudged lipstick. She's always cheerful with a smile literally plastered on her face.

Did I mention she turned 50 on her last birthday?

Now, I hear she's embarking on, not one, but two new careers. C'mon, it's time to consider retirement plans. Hasn't AARP tracked her down, yet?

Yep, that danged Barbie! Now she's becoming a Computer Engineer AND a News Anchor Woman, too!! (They are careers No. 125 and No. 126.) I bet she carries a handheld digital copy of her resume. I mean just how many pages does it tke to list all those past jobs? I'm sure she'll make computer geek look tres chic. I guess she's figuring Barbara Walters can't hang in there forever so she might as well be waiting in the wings.

Personally, I think she should check out some of those property deals now available in Boca.


Lazy Apples said...

I didnt even know they still put new barbies out...learn something everyday!

Missy-Ellen said...

Haha, what an awesome post! So fun! I couldn't resist checking it out after you mentioned 'Barbie' was the focus of your recent post! How can we ever match her figure and qualifications ... ? :) I'm following you!

Blue & White Wear said...

Barbie and AARP! haha!

Anonymous said...

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