Monday, February 22, 2010

Still working on it!!

Here's a preview of the post for tomorrow! (You know, the one I wanted to do on Saturday!)

Photo by Cepia

I'm really sorry but I got totally bogged down by family life and other necessities yesterday and by business demands today. (The latter is a GOOD thing.) I didn't want to just throw the post together as I want it to be worth your read.

I've actually been working on several posts for this week (another Working the Shows Wednesday is coming out this week) and I hope to be on track again by tomorrow. I'm designing a new Marketing Series to start in the very near future and I've got an interview or two just waiting for pictures to attach.

I've also been trying to actually produce some new designs for my Spring sales. I'm expanding on the adult-size merchandise, home decor pieces and some great toys. I'll be telling you about these items as they actually come out. Most of February was a bit dry for me inspiration wise so I'm eager to go with the flow since getting some of my mojo back.

Hope you're getting some Spring inspiration, too.

See y'all tomorrow!!

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