Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Under the sea ...

I recently mentioned that we never know what's registering in a child's mind, here's yet another example:

We spent the first night of our journey this time at our very close friends' home, as we always do. The men went off to do their thing and, as women do, we sat with our iced teas and discussed the things us gals are interested in.

My friend had just come back from visiting with her grandchildren and told of their most recent game of "Let's Pretend."

The two boys are ages 3 and 5 and share a bedroom which is decorated in a sea-oriented manner with fish on the walls, etc. They often pretend the beds are boats and the floor is the sea. This time, the oldest boy suggested they pretend to be creatures in the sea.

Grandma decided she'd be a seahorse because they are so graceful and prance around in an elegant manner. The oldest boy wanted to be a dolphin because they seem to have so much fun.

The little guy put much thought into his choice. His little furrowed brow indicated he was really working at coming up with an idea. He even tapped his chin with a finger as he thought. finally, he announced he'd be an oil slick.

"An oil slick?!?"

"What's that?"

"It's dark and sticky."

What's more enticing to a little boy than a mysterious dark and sticky substance to play with?

You just never know what they're thinking, do you?

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Bright Circle said...

Aww. Ya never know what they're gonna say.