Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Dancing People

I’m sure I’ve mentioned these folks in previous posts. They were there again at the Concert in the Park on Friday. I call them “The Dancing People.” (I can be soooo creative with labels!! LOL) My husband finds them irritating. Why? I’m not sure. (He says they’re “distracting.” This, coming from the dude who can sleep peacefully through even the loudest concerts!) I think he’s just jealous of folks our age that can still move that well!

They show up just about anywhere there’s music - generally anything from doo wop to the classic rock genre. And they’re good - very, very good! They jitterbug. They jive. They can do the pony and the swim. I’ve seen them do the bump, the stroll and even the waltz. They’ve been known to 2-step and they can do a great macarena, too. Oh yeah, they cha cha and I have seen them strut in a conga line.

We’ve seen them at concerts throughout the State and in neighboring states, too. They get around and people do notice them. They sit as close to the front center of the audience as they can get and they dance to almost every song. They most often wear pristine, well-pressed white shorts for him and a skirt for her with matching flowered shirts. Once in a while, their lower garments are of a bright color that matches the shirt but more often than not, they are white, bright white.

Clorox could probably sign them to an ad contract! I mean, who wears white to outdoor festivals? They look so neat and tidy even when it’s 100 degrees out! (Okay, my inner sloppy eater is maybe a bit jealous of that, too.)

One day, I am going to take some time to chat with these folks and find out their “story”. There has to be one. The band pointed them out to the crowd Friday night and stated they have now danced in every state!

After retiring this past year, they mapped out a route to get them to every state they had not danced in and then set out to do so. I overheard the dancing lady telling someone they simply went to the Welcome Center as they entered the various states and asked about festivals, street fairs and concerts in the parks. She says she now has a scrap book featuring them dancing at those events posted with a pic of them posing with something indicative of each state.

I think that’s really cool and I do want to know what drives them. I’d like to hear their stories.

I plan to approach them next time we see them which seems to be fairly often these days.


Holly Embry said...

I think they're adorable! And how amazing that they've danced in every state. I really admire that. I hope you will blog about it when you finally find out what their story is. I'd love to hear it!

SuZeFashion said...

Would love to hear their story too! They seem to have the right idea about enjoying life to the fullest.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning,
They certainly look entertaining...I can't wait to hear their story too...please post when you get a chance to talk to them!

Have a thoughtful Thursday, ~Natalie

Bright Circle said...

I hope to be one of those dancing people. Gotta find a partner first!

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