Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Mid-West Sky

If you've followed this blog for long, you know I
love taking pics of sunrises, sunsets and clouds on our trips.

O. K., I slept through both sunrises on the trip out. We were heading West, so it was going to be a little harder to get good sunrise pics anyway.

The first cloud pics I took were at a concert at the Lewis & Clark Landing in downtown Omaha along the Missouri River. I took all of these over a four hour period. Talk about a changing view!!

The first one shows the beautiful blue sky quickly disappearing behind some approaching storm clouds.

It did rain but really only a drizzle. By the time we moved The Big Guy's mom's wheel chair around the table so she was under the big umbrella, it stopped raining both times. The ground never even got really wet ! (There were some nearby communities that did get a real drenching at the time, though.)

Then, this beautiful rainbow appeared over the river!

After the rain came this really purple looking sky with bright red stripes!! I've never seen such vibrant shades in the sky before.

I don't Photoshop my cloud pictures or sun shots as I think that takes away their true effect but I do wish these colors showed a bit better. I really felt they were impressive!!

A humongous bright moon eventually broke through later in the evening and would have made for a fantastic time-lapse shot if one had such a camera!

I really do suffer from camera envy sometimes!

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