Friday, December 4, 2009

Where art thou, Christmas Spirit ?

I need to catch the spirit. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around getting ready for the holiday.

Oh yeah, I have been making Christmas merchandise and sales have picked up some so I do realize the season is happening. I'm slowly getting the gifts I need to give together but my heart just isn't in it yet.

Maybe the weather in the morning will drive the date home. We're expecting the first snow of the season - not much, just an inch or two - more a nusiance level than a "turn the world white" sort of thing. According to one of the many Christmas movies we've watched in the last week or two, snow will bring the shoppers out and make them feel "Christmasy." Personally, it usually gets on my nerves. I'm not a snowbunny. Give me a seat on the beach in the sunshine, anytime!

I am trying. I've had my car radio tuned to a station that's playing all holiday music for the last week and I've spent a lot of time watching the Hallmark Channel and ABC Family. Both began running Christmas movies before Thanksgiving. I've probably had one on at least once a day while I'm working on orders.

I've started the candy-making (Christmas tradition around here) and began putting social dates on the calendar for those holiday events. We normally don't put our tree up early so that's not in the running yet. I've traded in my culinary mysteries and have been reading some Christmas stories but I just haven't caught that holiday magic, yet.

Maybe I'll get the decorations out and get the house decorated a bit this weekend.

So, if you're one of those folks who just oozes the holiday spirtit, please send some my way. I need a good hard shove.

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