Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ahhh! Two days past...

Two days past the big day and not a creature was stirring. Their bellies were full, their bodies exhausted and their minds were drained. It was time for that long winter's nap.


I stopped panicking on Wednesday. it was getting me no where. I took time refine the "To Do" list, adjusting the priority system to reflect the chores, first, in the order they'd be needed and, secondly, in the order of absolute necessity. All the while, I slowly repeated my mantra: FLEXIBILITY - FLEXIBILITY - FLEXIBILITY !!!!!

Ultimately, I looked at each item and asked several key questions: * Is it necessary? * Is there an easier/quicker substitution? * Can somebody else (i.e. The Big Guy) do it? * What happens if it doesn't get done? I managed to eliminate a few items from the list.

Life goes on. Even if there are no presentable-looking poinsettias left on the Christmas Eve afternoon when the party delegated to purchase one (as the main gift for a close family member) finally gets himself to the store -- life goes on. (The "make do" gift was just as warmly received - maybe more so.)

We set a record, I think - only one domestic dispute throughout this highly stressful, hectic week!!

All in all, it was a great holiday !

We spent time enjoying great food and drink with lots of family over several days. There was lots of chatter, laughter and hugs and kisses. After all, time spent together making memories is the best part of the holidays.

REMEMBER - These are the moments we'll talk and laugh about at future holiday get-togethers !

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