Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Less than 3 days !!!

So much for counting in days - I can hear the clock ticking. I HAVE to be ready by 6 p.m. Thursday. That give me less than 50 hours !!!

I've spent the day frantically making candy. Those few days lost to illness last week certainly slowed the machinery down around here. I won't be dreaming of sugarplums, I'll probably be running from chocolate monsters in my dreams !!! The house has this very strong chocolate aroma. Who needs scented candles ?!?

I still have "one last store run" to make . (yeah, right, ONE !) Tried to make a quick trip to Target earlier today. That was a laugh. They have the worst cleaned lot in town. It appears they never attempted to take it down to blacktop so it is now simply hard-packed ice which means everybody is parked at haphazard angles hoping to get a few wheels on a clear spot for traction, etc. Walking across the lot is treacherous. I made the precarious trip in only to find they didn't have any of the items on my list. (We're talking basics like my hair conditioner, not the in-demand toys and such.)

I'm sure we're all in this boat, getting all those last minute needs taken care of. Who are those folks they always show on T.V. who are sitting back leisurely on the couch watching Christmas specials and having a cocktail with their families. The gifts are all neatly wrapped under the tree and there's a tray of perfectly decorated cookies on the coffee table. I've never met those folks, have you?

Good luck, y'all !

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