Monday, December 21, 2009

A moment to breathe - finally!

Okay, so what's kept me so busy?

Besides shoveling!

Well, there were the hamster shirts. I was surprised how difficult it was to make them really look like hamsters! The customer was very happy with the end product.

Then, it was time to work on some of our family gifts.
Some of those I can't reveal here for the moment as some of the family actually reads these posts!!!

Most of the little girls in the gang are getting variations of paper doll style flannel board play sets, complete with individual flannel boards. Each set is different as to colors and styles of the dolls themselves and outfits for each. I've had lots of fun doing these and they really weren't very difficult or time consuming!

The hardest gift each holiday is my mother-in-law. Her health and physical activity level makes it very difficult to find something useful for her. She certainly doesn't need any more clothes, has very limited space for trinkets and such and cannot see well or do much activity at all. She has always loved her dogs and we have, for years, made an effort to give her something with dog designs on it. I finally hit on a bag for her walker made out of a dog print. I think it turned out quite well if I must say so myself! I hope she likes it.

Today, I'm working on getting all those Christmas cards addressed and in the mail. Maybe folks will even receive them before Christmas!!

I'm also planning to fix a worthwhile dinner tonight for my man and I need to do a little housework. Then, back to holiday must do items!

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Christie Cottage said...

What a great assortment of gifts!


I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with life's blessings!