Tuesday, December 8, 2009

16 Days and Counting!!!

It's time to panic !!

With my order deadline approaching quickly, I can see the light at the end of that tunnel. Of course, there's a convergence there and I need to head down another track full speed ahead! There are gifts for family and friends that need finishing and, on some of them, I even have a tighter time schedule as we'll be seeing them before the big day! I have these various "To Do" lists based on when we get together with who.

As various members of the family will be heading out-of-town for the actual holiday we've scheduled "Christmas" with them a few days early. The first batch of gifts need to be ready this coming week with the second following closely on the next weekend. That's pretty much my cut-off date for shipping the gifts to the family that lives out-of-town, too. Oh, there are plenty to be delivered to their recipients on Christmas Day, so I'll most likely be frantically finishing things up on Christmas Eve, as usual. Don't we all swear that will never happen again?!? It's like New Year's Resolutions - mostly totally unattainable.

One year, I actually did have all my gifts bought, made and wrapped a week or two ahead of time. Know what? I think I missed it. I felt left out of that mad last-minute dash. For most of us, the frantic rush, late night baking, Christmas Eve run to the drug store and lack of sleep for several nights are part of the tradition of the holiday and who are we to mess with tradition?

Well, not one to mess with tradition, I'm just getting my decorations out today and candy production MUST start this weekend. Oh, did I mention we're having houseguests next week? Guess, my schedule is not quite set in stone yet! Maybe I'll get the tree up by then. They'd get a real kick out of me being that together! Last year hen they were here, our tree was up and had lights on it but wasn't decorated yet. Made for some interesting pics though! (Yes, it did have ornaments by the big day!)

Hope all your plans are moving along smoothly. Remember to slow down now and then and sniff the pine and cinnamon along the way!

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