Monday, December 28, 2009

Shhhh! Santa's sleeping. Or, at least, he should be!

Okay, so how's an elderly, fat (morbidly obese) guy who eats way too many cookies. runs non-stop for who-knows-how-many hours without a break survive Christmas?

I, for one, am flopping all day today! I'm tired - very tired. This is the first day I haven't had to rush to deliver packages, get something together to take in the way of food, get myself fixed up and presentable for socializing, etc.

I've got the house to myself. I stayed in bed late this morning. That felt wonderful! I mosied out for a glass of tea (I'm an iced tea addict. No hot tea for me in the morning.) Tea in hand, I cuddled up in a big chair with an afghan and relaxed some more.

Yeah, I will need to do some laundry and The Big Guy would appreciate a nice dinner so I guess I will have to do something. I just don't plan to do much today.

I've already read two chapters in my latest book and I'm thinking about settling in for several hours of catching up on my blog reading. Things have been so hectic that I haven't had time to post myself, let alone read everybody else's musings.

Today is like a respite in a storm. I do have several items ordered for delivery later this week. So my paint brushes won't get much break. I'm just not doing it today! We still have some folks to visit with this week so the partying goes on.

As of today, we have no big plans for New Year's Eve which is good as they are predicting another possible snowstorm moving in on Thursday and another on Friday.

You know, being snowed in for two days with my man and no outside commitments, doesn't sound bad!


elsiee said...

we have no big plans for new years eve either - thank goodness! can't wait to read about your adventures in 2010! namaste, elsie

Ren said...

Happy new year! May you have a pleasant and prosperous 2010.