Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring is coming - flowers are sprouting, at least in my workroom!

"Spring is in the Air" --Okay, I'll grant you, today looks like a COLD Spring, but the daffodil sprouts have broken the ground and there are actually little bumps of buds forming on the trees (if you look verrry closely)! All this made we want to paint flowers yesterday.

I sat down and started to produce some cute little "mini plaques" with catchy sayings and lots of little flowers, hearts and stars to adorn them. I got a little carried away and had turned out at least thirty of these little pieces before taking a break. I'll be adding them to my shop a few at a time over the next week or so.

The first three are garden themed and I plan to list these in the shop later today. Sized at 4"x4" and 5"x3", they'll fit just about anywhere!

At $5 each, these are great for just a little touch of cheer to hang in a small place. I like to keep one near the sink and another near the computer to brighten my day while I work. They make fantastic little "token" gifts for aunts, teachers, neighbors, etc. - anybody whose day can use a little sunshine. They're very lightweight and can even be hung on a bulletin board using a push pin.

***As a "mini special," I'm offering free S & H on these little guys.



I"ve been promising to tell you about Handmadeology. Today's the day. Let me start by saying, there's a lot of information on this site and it will take you a while to go through it. I'm still checking it out and learning something new each time I stop in.

The creation of Timothy Adam, "Handmadeology: The Science of Handmade" is designed for anyone looking to sell handmade goods online. If you are new to selling online, Tim can take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step with easy to follow instructions and suggestions to get you up and running in an efficient and, hopefully, successful way. If you've been out there marketing online for a while, Tim has a myriad of suggestions and tips for refining your site, finetuning your promotional efforts and optimizing your sales.

Many of us are familiar with Timothy Adam from his great helpful and informative comments in the various craft related forums and the tutorials he's known for creating. For those who have never stumbled upon his words of wisdom, he's a metal artist who makes his living selling online. After opening a shop on Etsy in March of 2007, Tim began a blog in July that year journaling about his online selling experiences. It quickly became the place for fellow crafters and artists to study and learn online marketing techniques.

At Handmadeology, Tim has created a central directory of dozens of tutorials for dealing with Etsy, Artfire, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you don't take time to check it out, you are limiting yourself and your sales.

WARNING: Have a comfy seat and a beverage handy. You'll want to stay awhile when you stop in to look at this site!


So, go out there and be creative today!!!

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