Friday, February 6, 2009

It's FRIDAY !!!

T.G.I.F. - It's been a long cold week and now they're predicting sun and a little warmth over the weekend. We should get into the 50s! I know winter's not over but it seems we're getting a break -- a chance to thaw a bit.

I did get some creative work in today. no painting but I was able to sketch out some new fish designs and I prepped a few garments. Now, I can start right in painting this weekend.

Fishy Fishy

My business began with a fish - thus, the name "Splashin." I've done a lot of other, many better, fishes but that first, cartoon-style fish has sort of become my signature design and he pops up everywhere on all kinds of products. We call him "Fishy Fishy."

I first designed Fishy Fishy for an outfit for our niece, Katelynn. The Big Guy got such a kick out of him that he wanted one on a shirt for himself. I didn't take him seriously but, after much prodding, I finally painted him a shirt featuring Fishy Fishy. It's a good thing. People see it and ask for business cards!! Who knew men could be so whimsical?

Fishy Fishy pops up everywhere!

The Big Guy also has a wardrobe full of other, more realistic, fish and sea creatures that I've painted. Many are based on the tropical fish in our own tank. These too present many opportunities to hand out cards. Although I've been doing adult clothes for quite some time I am just now starting to feature them in my etsy shop.

I plan to have quite a few "adult" shirts, aprons and such in stock for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts this year. I know it's hard to be thinking of those big days already but they really are "just around the corner" and I need to get busy creating and painting stock now. I think I may have finally found my mojo again.

I sure hope it gets warmer soon. I'm afraid my mojo may run away again just to get out of the cold!!!!

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