Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've been tagged !!

As most of you realize, I don't usually blog on weekends although I do usually read quite a few over these two days. (I follow about seventy of you which can be quite time-consuming but thoroughly enjoyable!)

Well, I sat down tonight and found Christina at had tagged me in a photo blogpsphere game of tag. In this one, you must post your 4th picture file on your computer and blog about it. You then tag 4 others to follow suit. (Please bear with me, I haven't really accomplished this linking procedure real well, so I hope I do something useable here.)

Okay, here's my 4th picture! This is The Big Guy taken at the River City Roundup in Omaha in October 2007. We had just finished judging the BBQ contest and were wandering around checking out some of the other exhibits and displays.

This event used to be held at the Aksarben facility but has since been moved to the Quest Center in downtown Omaha. Quest is a fantastic facility and very accessible although we definitely ran into problems that morning as most of the roads had been closed down to allow the rodeo parade to take place at the same time we needed to be checking in for the judging.

(For those who live anywhere near Omaha, there are two HUGE craft shows held at this facility each year - one in July and the other is the first or second weekend in November. Really great stuff and reasonably priced!)

Well, back to the pic. The family had met up with us after the judging and he stole our little niece's hat just to tease! She doesn't rattle easily and was happy to share but definitely wanted to pose for her own modeling of the hat Daddy had just bought her. (The girl has good taste. The first hat she chose had a price tag of about $400!!) Daddy convinced her she looked better in this one. Did I mention she's gullible? Flattery will get him everywhere with her!

We weren't able to judge that contest in 2008 as The Big Guy was still recovering from knee replacement and was not up to the 22 hour drive (one way!) Maybe this year. We'll see.

Okay, now to tag four of my lucky friends.... I choose:
Rose at Life,Love, Yarn ( )
and finally
Violet at A Little Bit of Violette ( )

I'm looking forward to seeing your 4th pictures.


TheClayMuse said...

Yay! I was looking forward to this! I love that hat! Great pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

Rose said...

Awww thanks for tagging me!!! I will so totally do it this week!

Anonymous said...

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