Friday, January 23, 2009

Teddy Bear Tease - "Eva's Coming!"

Eva's Coming!!

Did you have a favorite teddy bear when you were young? Do you still have it? I did and I do! (That's him in the pic.)

He's German made (but not a Stieff), a little hard and stiff, and very well worn. I was going to add that he still quacks (You know, like a duck.) but today I found he has lost his voice. When you squeezed him, he made a "quacking" noise. (I guess it was the toymaker's early attempt at making a toy bear that growled.) As a child, I just thought he spoke German!

Over the years, I've told Teddy many a secret - if he ever learned to communicate with other humans, I guess I'd have to kill him!

****Watch this space next week for a feature story about my friend, Eva. She makes (and sells) some spectacular teddy bears (and related critters and dolls.) I've loved her creations since I met her and I want the rest of you to meet this great lady and her furry pals.****

I plan to feature stories about other crafters, like Eva, at least twice a month here. Any candidates you'd like to nominate? E-mail me at and tell me about them.

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