Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BRRR!! We're heading South!!

Not much time to chat today. Slept in a little this morning as tomorrow will be both an early and long day. We’ll be traveling 10 hours by car, leaving long before dawn. When we did the planning, we figured this trip would be a jaunt into the warmth and comfort of the South. Well, it will be comforting but the only warmth will be from the love and companionship of the friends we are visiting. This artic blast is reaching deep and they are expecting some of the coldest temperatures there in years. On the upside (for us) temps should be running about 20 degrees warmer in the daytime than they will be here at home. I think I’ve been cold for three days, even inside. I think just knowing how cold it is outside and knowing it is just getting colder has chilled me mentally. I just don’t DO cold -- and don’t even bring up the subject of snow! (At least we haven’t had much of that here - YET.)

I need to thank all of you who have chimed in with moral support for our battle against the new CPSIA. It does seem the Commission is looking into exceptions. I just hope they can come up with sufficient adjustments in time to prevent the vast majority of children’s crafters from closing up shop. That would be catastrophic to our nation’s culture as a whole. I have stopped creating new children’s products for the moment but I have continued to sketch ideas for designs -- just in case. Oh, and I did take one giant leap. I listed a few non-child-oriented items in my etsy shop. I am currently taking photos of more “adult” items and hoping to list them within the next few weeks. Who knows, they may be successful there.

I need to perfect the photography of the bigger items. I was set up for shooting the tiny stuff but my backdrops just can’t accommodate the larger sizes. I will probably be replacing the existing photos on the site shortly as I really wasn’t thrilled with the final results yesterday. I need to spend time packing and such today so it will be next week’s project.

Coming Attractions :

Also next week, I plan to profile another crafter and her business. I hope to do such profiles on a regular basis. Hey, maybe one day it will be one of you I’m profiling. I also have a couple of recipes I want to share next week. I’m sure most of us could use a few “stick to your ribs” dishes and some real comfort foods, too.

Well, I’ve got to get in gear and get busy with that packing. Remember, if you want to voice your opinion about the CPSIA to the powers that be, the deadline for public input to the Commission is January 30. Actual “revision” of the law will require Congressional action, so contacting your representatives there can’t hurt either. For more info, simply google “CPSIA.” I’ll be MIA until the middle of next week while traveling. In the meantime, stay warm, think creative thoughts and enjoy life.

See you all next week!

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