Thursday, January 22, 2009

“A cat is there when you call her, if she hasn’t got anything better to do.” Bill Adler

My S.C. hostess was the first recipient of one of my newest products - my cat lover’s apron. (This will appear on my etsy shop later this week.) Please check it out.

Remember: A house without a cat is just a house and who wants that?

(I, myself, am a dog person but I have mostly cat people for friends. Just proves, opposites DO attract!)

I am slowly adding some “non-child” related items as none of us are sure what will become of our children’s lines once the new CPSIA goes into effect. Keep checking the shop for my new adult clothing line (I’ve actually been doing these for a while but simply did not offer them online.) I expect to be adding numerous aprons in the coming weeks, also. I’m also rolling up my sleeves and “inventing” some additional “grown up” merchandise.

So, please, stay tuned…

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