Thursday, August 4, 2011

"A right turn you must make..."

Garmin has just announced you can now download the voices of Darth Vader or Yoda as your GPS navigator. I'm sure they'll be popular but I think I, personally, will pass on these.

I think Yoda could be a little confusing at times. I mean picture driving on a very congested highway in heavy rush hour traffic. This is when you need clear concise instructions, like "Turn right - NOW!!!!" not, "A right turn you must make momentarily." I mean I truly respect Yoda's wisdom but there are times when you need basic language.

As for Darth, I have visions of riding alone on a dark highway late at night when, after many miles of just rolling along without any need for direction, you suddenly hear that foreboding heavy breathing begin. Before he can tell you your exit is coming up on the right in 4/10 of a mile, I just bet you'll be stealing a glance over your shoulder to be sure that back seat is empty!

Now, I may consider a celebrity voice when they come out with George Clooney or, maybe Pierce Brosnan, or Brad Pitt, or . . . Well, you get the idea.

I'd feel safe in a dark car alone at night with one of them.

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